Ann-Marita Garsed

With us in 2018
Singer/songwriter Ann-Marita's road to success has led her on a winding path from a humble upbringing in rural Norway, to Sweden via Iowa, on to Los Angeles and Australia...then back to California, this time to stay. Her previous two solo albums; Ann-Marita (2004) and Intuition (2007) have garnered glowing reviews, award nominations and airplay in all four of her home countries. Ann-Marita's 5-song EP "The Purple Ribbon Sessions" was released in March 2014, and continues to show her broad range of influences from contemporary country, Americana, rock and traditional folk--both American and Scandinavian.

Children's Skansen Club

With us in 2018
Folk Dance by VASA Children's Club

Haus Von Halstern

With us in 2018
Medieval combat - will have battle reenactments, encampment, and will be displaying Viking artifacts

Heidi Herman--Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

With us in 2018
Take a journey through Iceland, a land where legends come alive. This presentation blends together the images of the country with the recollection of growing up, modern day life in Iceland, and the legends and mythology that has been so prevalent from the Viking days through present-day. Using photos and video, the trip starts in Reykjavik from the archeological dig of a Viking settlement to the vibrant city of today. Using historical references, amazing natural photography and Ieda's memories of growing up, the culture comes alive. Heidi's entertaining incorporation of the mythology and stories from the Sagas that tie to regions and towns bring the legends to life. The culture and the fascinating history is brought to life through a tour of vibrant photographs and a presentation narrated by authors Heidi and Ieda Herman.


With us in 2018
Swedish-American vocalist IVA is a true crossover artist, having successfully bridged the gap between singer-songwriter and classical musician. Her music has carried her across two continents and gained her accolades in both genres. She's been tapped as Whos Next by M Musicians Magazine, touted as supremely talented by Guitar Worlds Acoustic Nation, called a remarkable talent & the real thing by TriStateIndie, and featured in Billboard Magazine as an artist to watch. Originally trained in New York conservatories, she moved to Stockholm, Sweden on a Fulbright scholarship to sing opera. But thanks to a chance meeting the year before, she found herself singing on Conan O'Brien and started recording her own popular music. She signed with New York label Vurse, and later with Universal Sweden, launching onto national Swedish radio and TV while making her debut at the Royal Opera of Stockholm. She returned to the U.S. to form her own band, releasing her first U.S. album Leap to NPR and tastemaker stations across the country. In 2015 the Vasa Order of America named IVA Swedish American of the Year for her contributions to cultural exchange between Sweden and to the United States. Past honorees include actress Ann Margaret, lunar astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and Nils Löfgren of Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band. She is the youngest honoree to date.

Leif Ericson Viking Ship, Inc.

With us in 2018
Viking history

Magnus Martensson

With us in 2018
Entertaining mix of classical music and humor in the tradition of Victor Borge.

Neal Harrelson, tenor

With us in 2018
Tenor Neal Harrelson has dazzled audiences across the United States, England, France, Spain and Australia with his outstanding voice and imposing stage presence, (The Longboat Observer) as well as his easy top range, fine sense of style, and clear and winning high notes(Opernwelt). Mr. Harrelson is a much sought after interpreter of the Bel Canto heroes in works of Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini and Meyerbeer, as well as in the traditional operas of Verdi, Puccini, Gounod, and Mozart. In August 2007 Mr. Harrelson sang his first Don Jose with Cape Cod Opera, adding to a twenty four role catalogue. Other recent engagements include Faust with Opera Santa Barbara, Edgardo in Lucia di Lammermoor with the Greensboro Opera Company, the tenor soloist in Rossinis Stabat Mater and the tenor soloist in Andrew Lloyd Webbers Requiem. Highlights of his career include his Carnegie Hall debut in the Bach Magnificat, conducted by John Rutter; his appearance with Queensland Opera in Brisbane, Australia, as Alfredo in La Traviata conducted by Roderick Brydan; his role as Arturo in Bellinis I Puritani with Lopera de Nantes; singing Rossinis Messa di Gloria with the Orquesta de Valencia and multiple appearances with Eve Quellers Opera Orchestra of New York.

Norwegian Faering boat

With us in 2018
Boat exhibit


With us in 2018
Pillerkaar Estonian Folk Dancers have been gathering in Washington, DC for nearly half a century! Founded by Anu Oinas in 1971, Pillerkaar has been delighting crowds and carrying the mantle of the Estonian folk dance tradition throughout the mid-Atlantic region and even abroad. The name "Pillerkaar" means "a really great party," after all! Their repertoire ranges from pastoral village waltzes to riveting polkas, from the traditional and timeless to the modern and dynamic. Estonia may be a small nation of just 1.3 million people, but its vibrant spirit is expressed most notably through song and dance, and Pillerkaar is proud to share that spirit with America!


With us in 2018
Rosetree features Celtic, Americana, Eastern European, Scandinavian and other world folk styles on fiddle and guitar. Amy Shapiro (violin/nyckelharpa) is a long-time performer who is well known to the Binghamton region folk scene; allen lutins (guitar/whistles) is a multi-instrumentalist/ethnomusicologist who has played professionally since the late 20th century. Amy and allen previously played for scores of contra dances throughout New York and Pennsylvania with Wild Rose and the Thorns.


With us in 2018
Skandinöje is the New Jersey Scandinavian dance group, started in 1993. The name is a combination of "Skandi" meaning Scandinavian and "nöje", a Swedish word meaning pleasure or enjoyment. We dance traditional couple dances from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. There are several categories of Scandinavian dances including Gammaldans, schottis or vals (waltz). Bygdedans means dances from a specific region or village. Many of the bygdedans are named after the town where they come from, such as polska från Åmot (polska from the town of Åmot). There are dances which are done in Scandinavia like the Swede Finn Mixer & Seven Steps in Denmark. Ratukas or Raatiko is danced in Finland and also in Norway & Sweden. To Ting means two things, a dance with two parts--the first half is a waltz & the second half is a hoppy music. The Gustavs Skal toasts the King Gustav of Sweden. There is a three part dance Swedish Masquerade in which you can dance like the Lord and Lady of the Manor, the Nobels and the peasants. You're invited to join members of the Skandinöje dance group doing some of these easy and fun dances. You don't need to come to the dance floor with a partner (though you can). You'll find someone there to dance with. Join us!

Spirit of Scandinavia

With us in 2018
Spirit of Scandinavia is a group of local Scandinavian musicians, Ed Hendela, Wally Eriksson, and Lloyd Nilsen who present a variety of Scandinavian tunes for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Telge Glima

With us in 2018
Swedish Wrestlers: About twenty years ago the group Telge Glima was founded in Södertälje, 30 minutes south of Stockholm, Sweden. The founders came together with a mutual interest in history and an interest to practice and show old sports and games. In the year 2015 they celebrated their 25th anniversary.

The Sloshbucklers

With us in 2018
The Sloshbucklers are back with a return invasion...I mean engagement at the ScandinavianFest! We're a Viking themed demonstration group featuring axe and knife throwing. Wander through the encampment; stop by the range and see what the Sloshbucklers are all about!

The Swedish Meatballs

With us in 2018
Toe-tapping, foot-stomping, heart-touching Scandinavian MUSIC! "The Swedish Meatballs" are all blended together with different talented spices to create delicious music! Ellen Lindstrom and "The Swedish Meatballs" are rolling all over ... performing at just about every North East tri-state IKEA special event ... to the streets of Brooklyn: Summer Stroll, Brooklyn Brewery, The Salty Dog, Viking Fest ... and at the Danish, GJOA & Swedish Cultural Clubs. Ellen & "The Swedish Meatballs" sqweeze & please wherever Scandinavian/accordion music is longed for... Philadelphias Swedish Museum, Pennsylvanias Mount Jewitt Swedish Festival, Jamestowns Scandinavian Folk Festival, Land of the Vikings, and the Danish, Norwegian & Eger Nursing Homes  plus Sons of Norway & VASA special events. Ellen & "The Swedish Meatballs" ... we go the extra SMILE!

Vinland Longships

With us in 2018
Vinland Longships is a Viking reenactment group that owns a 22 foot Viking Faering (four oared) boat. The Skogar Þrostur (SKO-gar THROW-stur) which means "Blackbird" in Old Norse, is based on the faering boat buried with the Gokstad ship in Norway in the 9th century. The reenactors who founded Vinland Longships have organized educational demonstrations on Viking ships and Viking life, crafts and culture for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Norwegian Embassy and the American Swedish Museum, among many others. They taught docents at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and have travelled to L'Anse aux Meadows, Canada, St. Petersberg, Russia and up and down the east coast educating people about Viking ship construction, navigation and history. The Adventures of the Skogar Þrostur are documented at

Eric Olsen ReVision Quartet

With us in 2017
Classical and Jazz Pianist: Determined to blaze his own musical path, Eric Olsen has crafted a distinguished career in both classical and jazz music, as a performer, composer, and conductor. Visit his web page for much more...


With us in 2017
The award-winning Swedish quintet Jaerv, present an extroverted, vigorous and heartfelt folk music with influences from both jazz and pop music. Together, the five members have created a homogeneous, vivid sound which has established Jaerv on the folk music scene as well as in many other forums. Rooted in several different musical traditions, Jaerv offers a varied stage performance where vocal, five-voiced tunes blend in with energetic dances and free improvisations. Jaerv has done several tours in the U.S., played live at BBC Scotland and performed twice at the biggest folk festival in northern Europe, Celtic Connections in Glasgow.

Keystone Kubb

With us in 2017
Keystone Kubb is a small group of Kubb enthusiasts that formed in 2014 to support and grow the sport of Kubb in and around Morgantown, PA. We have sent a Kubb team to the U.S. National Kubb Championship in 2015 - 2017 with our best finish being T5 out of 128 teams in 2017. Keystone Kubb is hosting the East Coast Kubb Championships in Elverson, PA in 2017 and 2018.


With us in 2017
Marcia Boyesen and Roger Latzgo began collaborating on musical programs nearly two decades ago. Since that time, the duo has won national acclaim, including a prestigious International Angel Award for Excellence in Media. Their numerous recordings are popular worldwide. Marcias musical journey began with singing in church and progressed through study in master classes at Westminster Choir College. Roger learned music at his accordion-playing grandfathers knee and continued through academic work at Rutgers College and the Mason Gross School of the Arts. Together they have studied with art song masters Elly Ameling and Dalton Baldwin. Marcias lyric soprano voice combines with Rogers classical experience in piano and guitar to weave a musical tapestry that brings their Story Songs to life. In their program for Scanfest 2017, Marcia and Roger present Hans Christian Andersen StorySongs. Songs include Rogers musical settings of The Ugly Duckling, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Little Match Girl and others. Among the newer StorySongs is Latzgos musical version of a lesser-known Hans Christian Andersen story sometimes translated as The Millennium. In it, Andersen imagines what travel in Europe will be like one thousand years from his own time. The master storyteller spins it with uncanny accuracy. Latzgo makes it contemporary with a tempo di rap setting. Marcia and Roger are on a musical mission: to enhance understanding and deep appreciation of quality literature through the power of music. We know that ScanFest audiences will love joining them on this journey.

Oskar Stenmark Trio

With us in 2017
In Gärdebyn, Dalecarlia, you will find an important and ancient music tradition. The small Swedish village has been a cultural hub for over two hundred years. Oskar Stenmark, a flugelhorn player, is the tenth generation in his family to pass on this tradition, much thanks to his (paternal) grandmother Elsie Börjes, who grew up in Gärdebyn. Elsie went on a U.S. tour with a group of fiddlers in 1956, when she was only 17 years old. Oskar brings the melodies from past to present, now 61 years later. The trio has toured in Scandinavia, and recently finished a successful tour in Minneapolis, Chicago, Rockford, Bishop Hill, Eau Claire, St. Paul, Washington D.C. and New York City. Together with Swedish bass player Lars Ekman and Ukrainian-American pianist Alex Pryrodny, the group will perform polskas, waltzes and walking tunes, mixed with a contemporary expression and sounds from New York.

Ruth Ann Cunningham, Soprano

With us in 2017
Presenting songs by Grieg and also Sibelius. We will also present Irish songs and a delightful sampling of operetta and musical theater selections.

Scandinavian Women's Chorus of Rhode Island

With us in 2017
In 1984, several Rhode Island members of the Eastern Division Womens Chorus of the American Union of Swedish Singers (AUSS) decided to form their own chorus in RI. Under the sponsorship of the Verdandi Male Chorus, which had been in existence since 1892, they met and invited interested singers to join them and search for a director. In 1986 they were voted into membership in the American Union of Swedish Singers. They were formed mainly to perpetuate Swedish culture, language and music. The chorus performs several times a year in concerts and sings at the AUSS- sponsored conventions and singing festivals every two years, on an alternating basis. The SWC often sang in concert together with the Verdandi Male Chorus. Unfortunately the Verdandi Male Chorus disbanded in 2010. We sing Scandinavian and English music for womens' choruses. We are a self-supporting organization, with funds coming primarily through performances and fundraisers. Every year the chorus sponsors the Kristina Greiner Memorial Scholarship, awarded to a young lady interested in Swedish music and culture. The candidates must be between a junior in High School through College.


With us in 2017
New York's Smorgasbandet is happy to be back at ScanFest! Not just a dance band, Smorgasbandet has been all over the USA and Scandinavia, including the Hostfest in ND, the UN and Scandinavia House in New York City, the Vasa Order & Sons of Norway everywhere, playing music from contemporary to cajun, gammaldans to rock 'n roll, country music to ABBA, Jimmy Buffett & latin music too! Get ready to kick it up a notch with this energetic Pan-Scan Band -- Jeanne, Wayne & Chad are an entire smörgåsbord of music!

Trolls & Legends of Iceland

With us in 2017
Heidi Herman has published four children's books based on the folklore of Iceland. As the daughter of an Icelandic immigrant, she grew up with the stories, but after her first visit there, she was captivated by the Sagas and legends. Now, sharing the stories of the Icelandic Yule Lads, Gryla, the Monster Worm and the Hidden People has become her passion. Along with writing books, she performs children's programs and family-oriented presentations on Iceland.


With us in 2017
Junior Club dance group from Vasa Order of America.

Vidar & Patrik

With us in 2017
Vidar Skrede and Patrik Ahlberg debut their combination of the melodies of Norwegian folk music with the rhythmic approach of Swedish accompaniment. The duo performs a collection of Vidar's original compositions, traditional Norwegian folk music, and a few traditional tunes. Vidar plays fiddle, hardanger fiddle and guitar. Patrik plays fiddle and guitar, and is a brilliant Swedish folk musician.

Brent Buswell - Accordionist

With us in 2016
His "dancing fingers" are sure to impress and inspire listeners of all ages with music for all occasions.

Daughters of Scandinavia

With us in 2016
Annelie Fahlstedt of Upper Montclair, NJ and Susan Olsen Maren (photo) of Staten Island, NY, both play violin as well as Hardanger Fiddle. They are both classical violinists and play throughout the New York, New Jersey area. They have been performing together since 1991.

Von Halstern Medieval Reenactors

With us in 2016
Battle re-enactments, encampments, Viking artifacts.

Elsa Nilsson

With us in 2015
The Elsa Nilsson Jazz Quartet's energetic sound is profoundly playful and widely influenced. Their shows are a tour de force with arrangements of Swedish folk music and originals drawing from music from all over the world, including Balkan, African and Brazilian styles. She drives the flute to its fullest, using folk styles and classical techniques to create a sound that is lyrical and warm yet totally modern. A definite must-hear.

Tomas Janzon: From Bach to Swedish Folksongs

With us in 2015
This program includes pieces by J.S. Bach and F. Tarrega, also Swedish folksongs and something from the American Songbook. Mr. Janzon's virtuoso playing will show how the classical guitar can be used for improvisations and new arrangements. Please visit for more information, reviews and more.

Marja Kaisla

With us in 2014
Born in Helsinki, Finland, Marja Kaisla began piano studies at age three and made her public debut at five. As a chamber musician, recitalist, and concerto soloist, she has performed in Europe, the former Soviet Union, and the United States. Miss Kaisla received her musical education in piano performance at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland, at the St. Petersburg Conservatory in Russia, in Switzerland with György Sebök, and Philadelphia with Susan Starr. Since moving to the United States in 1987 she has enjoyed an active concert career on stage, radio, television and major motion pictures while being an advocate for the importance of music education and general education reforms in the US school system. She was the owner and director of the Delaware Valley Conservatory of Music for over ten years, and she is the co-founder of the Philadelphia Foundation for World Music and Arts, a non-profit organization, which advocates education, culture, and tolerance between people through music and arts. For several years she was also the owner of Delaware Valley Music, a sheet music retail store with two locations in Philadelphia. She is currently the Development and Fundraising Director for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra. She made her Carnegie Hall debut in 2005 as the pianist of Trio Excelsior, with whom she has toured extensively around the United States. She was also a member of a unique quartet of four pianos, Piano4, with whom she performed over a hundred concerts during two seasons. In 2013 Miss Kaisla spearheaded and implemented numerous cultural, educational and business events in the tri-state area for the celebration of the 375th Anniversary of the Finns' and Swedes' settlement of the Delaware Valley in 1638. She was recently awarded the Commemorative Medal of the Centennial of the Parliament of Finland for her work promoting Finnish and Nordic culture. She was awarded the Performer of the Year 2013 title by the Finlandia Foundation National, the largest advocacy organization in the US promoting Finnish culture and Finnish American artists' work. Due to high demand for her performances, her title was extended to 2014 as well. The Ambassador of Finland to the US recently appointed Marja Kaisla to a task force to work with her in mapping out sectors in the US, in which Finland can influence educational reforms and export Finnish educational know-how into the US. Miss Kaisla is a recording artist, and she appears as a pianist in the M. Night Shyamalan film, The Village.

Musical Rainbows

With us in 2014
Roman Lankios is a Ukrainian-American virtuoso xylophonist who performs worldwide known classical, pop, country, and folk music on the unique four-row xylophone. Roman was born and raised in the Ukraine. At the age of 17 he attended and successfully completed a musical college. Then he studied at and graduated from the Kharkov Conservatory. Possessing remarkable technical virtuosity, he soon became one of the most popular xylophonists in the Ukraine. In 1994 he moved to the United States to share his passion for the xylophone with the whole world. Roman Lankios has since performed in many major venues in New York City and the Tri-State area. He has established himself as a credible musician whose up-beat tempo and charisma can liven up any event.

Swedish Folk Dancers of New York

With us in 2014
A Swedish group, performing traditional Swedish and Danish dances.

Swedish Jazz

With us in 2014
The Swedish Jazz consists of saxophonist Anders Lundegård, native Swede and guitarist and singer Al Baumann, married to a Swede. Both reside in the Washington DC area and both have careers in the finance and banking sector. Together they form a unique blend of jazz standards, popular songs and folk music.

Abba Girlz

With us in 2013
The ABBA Girlz tribute band, is one of the best ABBA Tributes since ABBA itself. This New York City based, ABBA Tribute Band features beautiful harmonies, elaborate costumes and exciting choreography guaranteed to captivate all audiences making every show a night to remember. Always very well organized from start to finish, they have been entertaining crowds all over North America since 2009.The ABBA Girlz tribute band, is one of the best ABBA Tributes since ABBA itself. This New York City based, ABBA Tribute Band features beautiful harmonies, elaborate costumes and exciting choreography guaranteed to captivate all audiences making every show a night to remember. Always very well organized from start to finish, they have been entertaining crowds all over North America since 2009.


With us in 2013
Kardemimmit is a Finnish folk music group formed by four young women: Maija Pokela, Jutta Rahmel, Anna Wegelius and Leeni Wegelius. They are singers and players of the kantele (the national instrument of Finland) in its 15 and 38 stringed forms. The group's repertory consists of modern folk music mostly composed by the members themselves. The music of Kardemimmit is fresh but it's strongly foundationed in Finnish tradition from both Eastern and Western regions featuring e.g. reki-style of singing, Perhonjoki valley kantele style, Karelian small kantele and runo-song traditions as well as archaic improvisation.

Laura Marek

With us in 2013
Lauramari is an artist with a rich background and affinity for languages that make her a very dynamic performer. Although she was born and raised in a small town in PA, her Finnish heritage, good command of the Finnish language and experience of living in Finland for several years, have made her about as Finnish as one can get. Being raised by musical parents left her no choice other than to pick up an instrument or two and start singing since before she could even talk. Her love of Finnish music, particularly Värttinä, started with a little trip to a Scandinavian specialty store, Viking Village, about 10 years ago, where she bought her first Värttinä album. Once she heard their music, she was hooked. It was during this time she knew that she wanted to perform songs like these at Scanfest.


With us in 2013
Norsewind performs original and some traditional folk music. Hailing from Berks County Pennsylvania, Norsewind's sound is a unique mix of Scandinavian and American style of energetic folk music with a few Irish traditional pub songs in the set! This group will always get the crowd clapping, dancing, and stomping their feet! If you'd like to have that old jolly pub sing along feel, you gotta check out Norsewind!!

Sara Pajunen

With us in 2013
Growing up on the Iron Range of Minnesota, Sara Pajunen left the piano for the violin at the age of six due to restless legs/mind. After over 20 years of classical study in Minneapolis, Taipei, and Helsinki, she again became restless  this time to find musical connection/voice/path. These explorations, as of late, have manifested work connected to her Finnish heritage. An extremely versatile violinist with a propensity for adventure in culture and sound, Sara performs in many genres of music, including Nordic fiddle, Argentine tango, classical and jazz. Curious and serious about music as an expression of the self, she is constantly experimenting with new techniques of sound creation. She conducts workshops around the country and teaches privately in her Minneapolis home.

The Blue & The Blond

With us in 2013
I have a new duo! And it's called The Blue & The Blond. The other person in this duo is Jutta Rahmel (from Kardemimmit, New Better Spring Band, Erkki & Tytöt) that sings and plays kantele. I'll be handling my harding fiddle, guitar and some backing vocals. Check out our fresh demo at - enjoy!

Harald Haugaard & Helene Blum

With us in 2011
Harald Haugaard Fiddler, composer, producer
Harald Haugaard began playing the violin at the age of 7 years old. His teacher was the local organ player in the village of Harndrup in the northwest region of the island Funen where Harald grew up.
From the very beginning folk music was his biggest inspiration. One of his earliest and greatest influences was his grandfather Johannes who was a local wood carver and traditional accordion player.
Helene Blum:
"It's been many years since Denmark has had a young woman singer with such a great voice - National Danish Radio P4
Helene Blum has thrilled audiences throughout Europe, and from Canada to Japan, with her intensely expressive, crystal clear voice. Her artistic focus embraces both traditional roots and innovation. Using ancient songs and ballads as a base, she reinvents them with contemporary expressions and mixes them elegantly with newly written songs, including her own. She is deeply rooted in Danish music traditions, but at the same time not afraid to challenge them.


With us in 2011
Finnish-American folk duo

Ole Olesen - Norwegian Immigrant

With us in 2011
Ole Olesen,aka Roger Hellesvig, has been sharing his story about 19th Century Norwegian Immigration for the past 15 years. Join the adventure as Ole leaves his Norwegian homeland and travels to America. The audience will help Ole decide what to pack in his trunk as he shares about his Norwegian traditions. To find out more about Ole go to


With us in 2010


With us in 2010
Wife carrying (Finnish eukonkanto or sometimes akankanto, Estonian naisekandmine, Swedish kärringkånk), is a sport in which male competitors race while each carrying a female teammate. The objective is for the male to carry the female through a special obstacle track in the fastest time. The sport was first introduced at Sonkajärvi, Finland.

Rebecca Kelly - Storyteller

With us in 2010
Tale of Scandinavia for children and adults.

David Kaminsky, Riksspelman

With us in 2009
David Kaminsky is an ethnomusicologist and multi-instrumentalist, and the first American ever to have been granted the title of Riksspelman, or National Folk Musician of Sweden. He will be playing traditional dance tunes from Sweden and Norway on various flutes and whistles.

Julane Lund - Norwegian traditional music

With us in 2009
Julane Lund performs Norwegian and Norwegian-American music on both the regular fiddle as well as the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle. She has toured throughout many countries in Western and Eastern Europe, the United States, Canada, and in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. She has been featured on several television and radio programs in these countries.

Scandinavian Delight

With us in 2009
Erik-Hans Vågen , on a bell accordion and Dale Stroever on Guitar, make for a delightful European sound. Erik-Hans is of Norwegian background and had been playing the accordion since the age of eight. Eric and Dale offer the European sound we all love to listen and dance to.

Swedish Troubadours

With us in 2009
Swedish ballads ("Svenska Visor") have played an important function to swedish culture and identity during the past centuries. More on line at their web site

Annie Galle Dance Company

With us in 2008
The Annie Galle Dance Company was created in 1989 under the direction of Annie Galle, a Danish born and trained artistic director The Dancers will perform a special program of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Ugly Duckling".

Barnklubben Elsa Rix #1

With us in 2008
First Children's Club established in the Vasa Order of America

Elly Erickson, Soprano

With us in 2008
Elly Erickson, an American soprano of Scandinavian descent, has performed in every thinkable setting. Having performed over twenty leading roles in operas and musicals, Ms. Erickson has also won nearly twenty-five awards, among them the prestigious Jenny Lind Competition Award which led to a concert tour in Sweden, ...Much more at her web site

Kaiku  finnish band

With us in 2008
Rhythmic. Harmonious. Organic. Those words can best describe the sound of Kaiku, a New York-based collective of talented and experienced Finnish and American musicians. It is a fascinating mix of spirited Finnish singing and world music instrumentation. The hauntingly ethereal harmonies are supported by touches of accordion, percussion, cello and bass. The rhythms are an uncategorizable fusion of Finnish folk, tango, pop, waltz, Brazilian beats and what even sounds like a polka-esque marching song... more at their web site


With us in 2008
Sisu is a Scandinavian roots band specialising in traditional Finnish & Swedish music. They play the familiar songs from famous roots folk bands like Varttina, Garmarna & Hedningarna.

Nyt Naura

With us in 2007
The Finnish comedy and musical troupe 'Nyt Naura' ('Now Laugh') performs comic reminiscing, hilarious folk songs and lyrics (flavored entirely in English...accented with a dose of Finnish spice) that will tickle your funny bone.

Ringling 5

With us in 2007
There's a nostalgic movement to romanticize the West and ranching life - rugged men, strong women, family values. Well, the Ringling 5 has just one thing to say, "Bull." They sing of today's West - tennis shoe clad men, women who had potential before they got married, and financial credit limits.

Scandinavian Accordion Club

With us in 2007

Elge Johannes

With us in 2006

Karen Solgard - Norse Fiddle

With us in 2006
Karen brings an entertaining program of Hardanger Fiddle music. Traditional Hardanger Fiddle tunes are mixed with Karen's own compositions and arrangements.

Touchstone Theatre presents

With us in 2006
A new play about the fairy-tale life of Hans Christian Andersen performed by 3 actors, puppets,visual spectacle,and original music - a delight for all ages.


With us in 2005
The University Student choirs Florakören and Brahe Djäknar, the choirs of the Åbo Akademi-university, a Swedish speaking university, in Turku, Finland. Florakören is a female choir and Brahe Djäknar is a male choir.


With us in 2005
Acappella singing group from Uppsala., singing traditional folk songs with the aim to pass on the oral tradition of the traditional songs.

Hanne Ladefoged-Dollase

With us in 2005
Mezzo- contralto, Hanne Ladefoged-Dollase, is a native of Randers, Denmark. She has performed extensively through North America promoting Scandinavian music. She has performed with such groups as Ars Musica Chorale, The National Chorale as well as performing roles of Orlovsky in "Die Fledermaus" and Hansel in "Hansel & Gretel". She has also performed solos in Beethoven's " Mass in C" and "The Requiems" of Mozart. Hanne will perform a special program - "Hans Christian Andersen in Song and Story"


With us in 2005
Norwegian Storytelling

Sigrid Jaegersen Erickson

With us in 2005
Norwegian-American soprano. Graduate of Julliard School of Music, NYC. Eldonna Filardi as pianist.