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Ambrose the Astounding

Ambrose the Astounding is presenting Magic from Wizards, Sorcerers, and Magicians he has known from around the World.

Anders Lundegard and Yimeng Xu

Anders Lundegård was born and bred in Växjö, Sweden. Besides performing his own works for saxophone and piano, Anders performs extensively the chamber music repertoire originally written for flute, clarinet, violin and cello. His own adaptations for saxophone include works by the great composers such as Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Rachmaninoff. His previous recordings include all of Bach’s unaccompanied suites for cello, performed on various saxophones. Among his many solo appearances, he has appeared at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, and as a soloist with the renowned Swedish string orchestra Musica Vitae. Yimeng Xu, pianist is currently studying under the instruction of Rita Sloan as a second-year graduate student majoring in collaborative piano at the University of Maryland. Yimeng holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Nebraska Omaha. She has won various concerto competitions in college, including the Puerto Rico International Collaborative Piano Competition, Charleston International Classical Music Competition, and UNO Piano Day Competition.

Hans Christian Andersen-A Musical Portrait

This is an entertaining and humorous program with a few serious elements that are appropriate for adults and kids alike. There will be opportunity to sing along at the end.

House of Hamill

Whether they’re ripping through a set of original jigs and reels, adding lush three-part harmonies into traditional folk ballads, or cracking up an audience with stories from the road, House of Hamill puts on a show that captivates audiences from the very first note.


Swedish-American vocalist IVA is a true crossover artist, having successfully bridged the gap between singer-songwriter and classical musician. Her music has carried her across two continents and gained her accolades in both genres. She's been tapped as Who's Next by M Musicians Magazine, touted as supremely talented by Guitar World's Acoustic Nation, called a remarkable talent & the real thing by TriState Indie, and featured in Billboard Magazine as an artist to watch. Originally trained in New York conservatories, she moved to Stockholm, Sweden on a Fulbright scholarship to sing opera. But thanks to a chance meeting the year before, she found herself singing on Conan O'Brien and started recording her own popular music. She signed with New York label Vurse, and later with Universal Sweden, launching onto national Swedish radio and TV while making her debut at the Royal Opera of Stockholm. She returned to the U.S. to form her own band, releasing her first U.S. album Leap to NPR and tastemaker stations across the country. In 2015 the Vasa Order of America named IVA Swedish American of the Year for her contributions to cultural exchange between Sweden and to the United States. Past honorees include actress Ann Margaret, lunar astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and Nils Löfgren of Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band. She is the youngest honoree to date.

Leif Ericson Viking Ship, Inc.

Viking history

Marja Kaisla performing Nordic composers Grieg, Gade and Sibelius.

Ms. Kaisla made her Carnegie Hall debut in 2005 as the pianist of Trio Excelsior, with whom she has toured extensively around the US. Besides solo concert touring, she has also toured extensively as a member of Piano4, a unique ensemble of four pianos. She received her musical education in Finland, Russia, Switzerland and the US. She has performed for the Nordic countries’ royal families, President Biden as well as many US Governors and Senators. She was Finlandia Foundation National’s Performer of the Year in 2013 and 2014. Subsequently, she also became a member of the Board of Trustees of Finlandia Foundation National (2014-2016). Recognized by the African American Museum in Philadelphia in 2016 as a recipient for Outstanding Achievement in Innovative Programming as a Legend of Jazz, R&B and Gospel, Ms. Kaisla is also a recording artist. Ms. Kaisla is the Artistic Director of Young Musicians Musicales, a musical organization presenting young instrumentalists of highest caliber from the US and abroad in concerts in historic landmark residencies in the Philadelphia area.

Roger Latzgo

Hans Christian Andersen StorySongs Composer/performer Roger Latzgo will bring his musical settings of stories by Hans Christian Andersen. Latzgo, who first learned music at his accordion-playing grandfather's knee, continued his formal studies at Rutgers College and the Mason Gross School of the Arts. For Scanfest 2023, Roger presents Hans Christian Andersen StorySongs. Songs include his musical settings of "The Ugly Duckling", "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", "The Little Match Girl" and others. Among the newer StorySongs is Latzgo's musical version of a lesser-known Hans Christian Andersen story sometimes translated as "The Millennium". In it, Andersen imagines what travel in Europe will be like one thousand years from his own time. The master storyteller spins it with uncanny accuracy. Latzgo makes it contemporary with a tempo di rap setting. Roger is on a musical mission: to enhance understanding and deep appreciation of Hans Christian Andersen through the power of music. We know that ScanFest audiences will love joining him on this journey.

Skansen Children's Club

Folk Dance by VASA Children's Club


SmörgåsBandet is a Smörgåsbord of music, with deep Scandinavian roots that celebrates their instruments and a lifetime of experiences. Together as a band for over 20 years, their music results in a broad spectrum of genres including folk music, gammaldans, pop, standards, country and rock 'n roll. Jeanne Eriksson, MC, is the daughter of the late maestro Walter Eriksson and plays accordion, keyboard and teaches dance. Her son is the percussionist, and Wayne Söderlund is their modern-day maestro making sounds with his electronic Roland accordion that sets them far apart from your "farfar's" gammaldans orchestra. Wayne's son Johnny Söderlund plays guitar, banjo & drums on special occasions. They're all members of Vasa Lindbergh Lodge #505, DL4NY. They've performed overseas in Sweden and Åland, and have appeared at countless celebrations. They have a residency at The Village Lanterne on Long Island and their enthusiasm is contagious. See you on the dancefloor at ScanFest at Vasa Park, NJ, USA!

Spirit of Scandinavia

Spirit of Scandinavia is a group of local Scandinavian musicians who present a variety of Scandinavian tunes for your listening and dancing pleasure with drums, accordion and saxophone.

Story Theater, Jonathan Kruk

Jonathan Kruk will be performing tales from Hans Christian Andersen and Norse Lore.

Telge Glima

Swedish Wrestlers: About thirty years ago the group Telge Glima was founded in Södertälje, 30 minutes south of Stockholm, Sweden. The founders came together with a mutual interest in history and an interest to practice and show old sports and games. In the year 2015 they celebrated their 25th anniversary.

The Danegeld Company Vikings

The Danegeld Company Vikings are a group of history enthusiasts with a passion for educating the public through entertaining demonstrations. For ScanFest this year Vladimir of the Rus, Viking Jerk (Yeh-rick), and Nikolai will be demonstrating Viking Age fighting techniques with shields and steel axes, swords, and spears. Learn how each weapon was used and watch live combat demonstrations.

The Sloshbucklers

The Sloshbucklers are back with a return invasion...I mean "engagement" at the ScandinavianFest! We're a Viking themed demonstration group featuring axe and knife throwing. Wander through the encampment; stop by the range and see what the Sloshbucklers are all about!

The Swedish Meatballs

Toe-tapping, foot-stomping, heart-touching Scandinavian MUSIC! "The Swedish Meatballs" are all blended together with different talented spices to create delicious music! Ellen Lindstrom and "The Swedish Meatballs" are rolling all over ... performing at just about every North East tri-state IKEA special event ... to the streets of Brooklyn: Summer Stroll, Brooklyn Brewery, The Salty Dog, Viking Fest ... and at the Danish, GJOA & Swedish Cultural Clubs. Ellen & "The Swedish Meatballs" sqweeze & please wherever Scandinavian/accordion music is longed for... Philadelphia's Swedish Museum, Pennsylvania's Mount Jewitt Swedish Festival, Jamestown's Scandinavian Folk Festival, Land of the Vikings, and the Danish, Norwegian & Eger Nursing Homes, plus Sons of Norway & VASA special events. Ellen & "The Swedish Meatballs" ... we go the extra SMILE!

Vidar Skrede

Vidar Skrede is a performer, composer, producer, and teacher of Nordic folk music. He is originally from western Norway (Europe) and has been a US resident since 2016, currently living in Milwaukee, WI. He is a multi-instrumentalist performing and teaching fiddle, Hardanger fiddle, guitar, and mandolin. Vidar has a main background in traditional music from his home area Rogaland (southwestern Norway). He has learned from a wide array of Norwegian fiddlers and studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music. He also resided in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden as a master’s student of Nordic folk music through the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.

Viking Jerk (pronounced Yeh-rick) and Vladimir from Rigr Crafts

Viking Jerk (it's pronounced Yeh-rick) and Vladimir from Rigr Crafts and Vlad's Tovary will be talking about Viking age weapons and armor and demonstrating how they were used. Come learn about axes, swords, knives, and spears and see which one rules the arena!