Betty Baumgardt


Hardanger Embroidery demonstration

Heart to Hearth Cookery


The Swedish knackebrod is reproduced in the traditional manner using a brazier for heat on a tile board. The demonstration includes the rolling, cutting (with traditional tools) and cooking of the crisp bread with a display of already complete knackebrod. In addition, the 18th century Swedish recipe book will be on display opened to the knackebrod recipe.

Lost Art Lacers of New Jersey


Lacemaker artisan.

Norwegian Faering boat


Boat exhibit

Pocono Mountains Forge


Blacksmith Bill Kucharski has been forging since 2013 and his accomplice Jenny Kucharski since 2014. This will be their sixth year demonstrating at Scandinavian Fest and showing off many of their Viking inspired creations!

Rigr Crafts


Rigr Crafts is a husband and wife team out of Baltimore. Jackie and Shane Strobel are Viking age reenactors and educators who create historically based products for the modern world. Jackie creates historically inspired and replica jewelry in copper alloys and sterling silver. Shane, AKA Viking Jerk, makes all natural beard and hair care products inspired by the historically hygienic Danes! They are both knowledgeable on all aspects of medieval life including hygiene practices, craft work, weapons and armor, and more and they bring REAL Viking, Celtic, Roman, and Medieval artifacts to display and teach patrons about.

Tønder lacemaking with Pat Morris


Pat Morris is a bobbin lacemaker who has been making bobbin lace for 40 years and teaching it for at least 20 years. Taught by her Danish teacher, Gunvor Jorgenson introduced her to Tønder lace, a Danish lace from Tønder. Captivated by this exquisite lace, Pat has been to Denmark six times for the Tønder Lace Festival which is held every three years. Pat has taken bobbin lace lessons throughout Europe and the United States.

Viking Knitting


Demonstration of Viking knitting from all of Scandinavia

Wire You Waiting


Viking knit jewelry and apron dress brooch beads Class: 11 am and 3 pm, $25/per person, 10 people per class. Viking Wire Weaving Bracelet. Sign up at booth for Wire You Waiting!