Betty Baumgardt

With us in 2018
Hardanger Embroidery

Bobbin Lace Making

With us in 2018
Demonstration of Swedish bobbin lace making.

Carl E. Johnson

With us in 2018
Woodcarving in the Scandinavian style

Heart to Hearth Cookery

With us in 2018
The Swedish knackebrod is reproduced in the traditional manner using a brazier for heat on a tile board. The demonstration includes the rolling, cutting (with traditional tools) and cooking of the crisp bread with a display of already complete knackebrod. In addition, the 18th century Swedish recipe book will be on display opened to the knackebrod recipe.

Jan Doyle

With us in 2018
Jan Doyle is a master weaver who teaches at the university of Rhode Island and facilitated the master weaver program at the Carolina Fiber and Fiction Center. She is a member of the Nordic Weaving Network recently founded in Jyderup Denmark.

Lavinia Trimmer

With us in 2018
Embroidery from the Hardanger fjord area of western Norway. A very precise counted embroidery worked on even weave fabric. Used to decorate household linens and clothes. Lavinia is a member of the Garden State Chapter of the Embroidery Guild of America.

Pocono Mountains Forge

With us in 2018
Blacksmith Bill Kucharski has been forging since 2013 and his accomplice Jenny Kucharski since 2014. This will be their fourth year demonstrating at Scandinavian Fest and showing off many of their Viking inspired creations!

Wheat weaving and straw art

With us in 2018
Linda Beiler has been working with wheat straw for over 20 years. She is a juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, Reading/Berks Guild of Craftsmen, Lancaster Designer Craftsmen, and is on the roster of Artists in Education with the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Young Audiences of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. In 2009, her book, Wheat Weaving & Straw Art was published as a book in the Heritage Crafts Series by Stackpole Publishing. Linda is a member of the National Association of Wheat Weavers, an international organization dedicated to preserving and promoting all types of straw art.

Susan Keenan

With us in 2017
Danish Bobbin Lace - Susan is a member of the Lost Art Lacers of North Jersey

Kubb game & tournament

With us in 2015
About 10 years ago I was introduced to the old Viking game KUBB. Since then, I have been making KUBB sets and playing the game with friends and family in different settings . We have played on the beach, along a riverbed, on ice, on snow and on grass. The game was created by the Vikings on an Island Gotland in Sweden. They were killing time before they were hitting the sea. The game can be played by 2-12 people at one time - old or young, male or female. The Rules: Come to see at ScanFest Sunday, September 6th, 2015.

Caricaturist Ryan Almodovar

With us in 2013
For about two years now, Ryan Almodovar has been drawing caricatures at Dorney Park, parties/events, and fairs. Along with caricatures, Ryan paints, draws and sculpts, and attends the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Dorene Rhoads - Papercutting

With us in 2010
Demonstration of Papercutting

Al Miller

With us in 2006
Woodcarving in the Scandinavian Style. Has studied acanthas style carving in both Norway and the US. He teaches carving at Fletcher Farms, CT.

Linda Miller

With us in 2006
Telemark Rosemaling. Linda has studied rosemaling in both Norway and the US. She has earned professional status from the New England Rosemalers.

Virginia Hinchman and her Icelandic Sheep

With us in 2006
Icelandic spindle & wheel spinning. Breeds pure breed, registered Icelandic Sheep. She has been weaving for over 40 years and spinning for about 30 years.

Irene Graessle

With us in 2005
Irene taught art in Middle schools and High schools. She is a member of American Paper Cutters. Danish/German Paper Cutting (Schernschnitte) Hans Christian Andersen was an exceptional cutter. He principally used scissors but he was also adept at tearing paper into forms and figures.

Jean Lavoie

With us in 2005
Swedish embroidery and needle felting