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Annie C Humphrey (ASHM)
"The Wide Norse World" and "Women in the Viking Era": on the great range of Norse society during the Viking period (from modern-day Canada to Russia to Turkey, and possibly further) and their interaction with the various cultures; and on everyday and famous women and gender roles in the Viking homelands and settlements, respectively.
Annie C. Humphrey is a graduate fellow of medieval art history at Temple University. She majored in history and medieval studies at Rutgers University and earned her MA in medieval studies from the University of Connecticut. Annie began Viking era re-enactment and combat demonstration in 2007. She has previously served as a program volunteer at the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA and currently volunteers in the education department at the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia. Annie has a passion for educating the public about Norse, Irish, and medieval topics.
Norwegian Immigration Association
Lecture / Movie - title Norge i Brooklyn  narrated 1965 Norwegian Film
Scandinavian Genealogy
Bill Fagerstrom:
  • Is an amateur genealogist
  • He has been doing genealogy for 25 years
  • Is the current Secretary & the past President of the Swedish Genealogy Club of the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia, PA
  • He has written handout "Beginning Scandinavian Genealogy" which all in attendance will get and will be posted later to the Scanfest website
  • He has written several other guides, a descriptive family history on his mothers branch and a short Fagerstrom family history
  • He belongs to eight Genealogy & History Organizations