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Annie C Humphrey (ASHM)
Iron Age Scandinavia Sweden, Norway, and Denmark share a rich treasure trove of artifacts, stone monuments, and earthworks that are preserved from the time just before the Viking era. Enjoy this introduction to the archaeology and cultures of Iron Age Scandinavia. The Settlement of Iceland One of the last places on earth to become inhabited by humans, the 9th century settlement of Iceland was an extraordinary achievement. Archaeology and historical documents reveal true tales of courage, drama, and adversity. Annie C. Humphrey is an education assistant at the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia. She majored in history and medieval studies at Rutgers University and earned her MA in medieval studies from the University of Connecticut. Annie began Viking era re-enactment and combat demonstration in 2007. She has previously served as a program volunteer at the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA and has lectured at a variety of universities on Old Norse language and folklore. Annie has a passion for educating the public about Norse, Irish, and medieval topics.
Norwegian Immigration Association
Film, "Martha-the American Story" which describes the life of Princess Martha, especially during her stay in the US and the great help she was to President Roosevelt, as well as to the image of Norway in the US. She was Swedish and a princess also.
Scandinavian Genealogy
"Genealogy" William B. Fagerstrom Bill is amateur genealogist, doing genealogy for the past 15 years. He belongs to eleven Genealogical and History Organizations and is the Secretary and Past President of the Genealogy Club of the American Swedish Historical Museum, Philadelphia. Bill authored and lectured on various aspects of genealogy.
Wilmington DE - USA