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Annie C Humphrey (ASHM)
"Old Norse Mythology and Cosmology" and "Old Norse Religion in the Sagas": on the philosophical world-view of the pre-Christian Norse as indicated by medieval sources and archaeology, and how practitioners honored and petitioned their deceased and gods in early Iceland. Annie C. Humphrey is an education assistant at the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia. She majored in history and medieval studies at Rutgers University and earned her MA in medieval studies from the University of Connecticut. Annie began Viking era re-enactment and combat demonstration in 2007. She has previously served as a program volunteer at the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA and has lectured at a variety of universities on Old Norse language and folklore. Annie has a passion for educating the public about Norse, Irish, and medieval topics.
Peter Kalm and the Botany of Swedish Empire in the 18th Century
Program I: Peter Kalm and his American Exploration for Swedish Royal Academy Pehr (Peter) Kalm was born in Angemanland, Sweden in 1716 and died in Turku, Finland in 1779. On his many Horticultural journeys of discovery he visited North America and befriended Benjamin Franklin and John Bartram. His book, Travels in North America became a standard reference on the botanical riches of the colonies. His is the first description of Niagara Falls to be written by a trained scientist. His association with Carl Linnaeus and his keen sense of discovery credits him with the introduction of more than 90 species to the trade in botanicals. The plant, Kalmia, or Mountain Laurel was named after him. Join him on this first person talk expounding on the rigors of travel, exploration, the ascendency of the Swedes and chances of success during the Age of Enlightenment. Program II: The Botany of Swedish Empire in the 18th Century Continue the journey with Pehr (Peter) Kalm as he includes the world of illustrious Botanists and the interconnectedness of empires in the 18th Century. Meet his friends Swedish Carl Linneaus, Father of Scientific Nomenclature, Dutch Johan Gronovius, English Phillip Miller, keeper of the famed Physic Garden and Sir Hans Sloane whose collections would become the Gardens at Kew. Along the way, discover how Sweden led the world in the knowledge and practice of botanical collecting at the start of the age of man's return to nature. Kirk R. Brown: Tours the country in the guise of many American Botanists, Landscape Designers and Scientists including John Bartram and Frederick Law Olmsted. Serving as Vice President of Garden Writers Association, his travels take him to some of the world's most impressive gardens and historic landscapes. He lectures as himself on the art and practice of landscape design to Garden Clubs, Arboreta, Green Industry Associations, Historical Societies, Botanic Gardens and Professional Clubs across the country. His travels are illustrated at and!
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Scandinavian Genealogy
Kristina Johnson ODoherty graduated from Millersville State College (University) with a degree in Elementary Education and earned a Masters degree in Counseling from Villanova University. She is a graduate of The FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. In 2003 Kristina retired from the FBI after 23 years of service as a Special Agent. She currently volunteers at the American Swedish Historical Museum and for the Emergency Aid of PA Foundation. Kristina lives in Blue Bell, PA with her husband, John.