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Ann-Marita Garsed
Singer/songwriter Ann-Marita's road to success has led her on a winding path from a humble upbringing in rural Norway, to Sweden via Iowa, on to Los Angeles and Australia...then back to California, this time to stay. Her previous two solo albums; Ann-Marita (2004) and Intuition (2007) have garnered glowing reviews, award nominations and airplay in all four of her home countries. Being praised for her outstanding voice and stage presence as well as her exceptional songwriting, Ann-Marita has traveled far and wide, playing world-renowned festivals, fairs, clubs, coffeehouses and makeshift stages on flatbed trucks. Ann-Marita's new 5-song EP "The Purple Ribbon Sessions" was released in March 2014, and continues to show her broad range of influences from contemporary country, Americana, rock and traditional folk  both the American and the Scandinavian kind.
PO Box 221004
Newhall CA 91322 - USA
Phone: (323)229-9556
Daughters of Scandinavia
Annelie Fahlstedt of Upper Montclair, NJ and Susan Olsen Maren (photo) of Staten Island, NY, both play violin as well as Hardanger Fiddle. They are both classical violinists and play throughout the New York, New Jersey area. They have been performing together since 1991.
Upper Montclair NJ - USA
Elsa Nilsson
The Elsa Nilsson Jazz Quartet's energetic sound is profoundly playful and widely influenced. Their shows are a tour de force with arrangements of Swedish folk music and originals drawing from music from all over the world, including Balkan, African and Brazilian styles. She drives the flute to its fullest, using folk styles and classical techniques to create a sound that is lyrical and warm yet totally modern. A definite must-hear.
Phone: (206)661-7462
Magnus Martensson
Entertaining mix of classical music and humor in the tradition of Victor Borge.
Marcia Boyesen and Roger Latzgo began collaborating on musical programs nearly two decades ago. Since that time, the duo has won national acclaim, including the prestigious International Angel Awards for Excellence in Media. Their numerous recordings are popular worldwide. Marcias musical journey began with singing in church and progressed through study in master classes at Westminster Choir College. Roger learned music at his accordion-playing grandfathers knee and continued through academic work at Rutgers College and the Mason Gross School of the Arts. Together they have studied with art song masters Elly Ameling and Dalton Baldwin. Marcias lyric soprano voice combines with Rogers classical experience in piano and guitar to weave a musical tapestry that brings their Story Songs to life. In their program for Scanfest 2015, Marcia and Roger present Hans Christian Andersen Songs and Stories. Songs include Rogers musical settings of The Ugly Duckling, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Little Match Girl and others. Marcia and Roger are on a musical mission: to enhance understanding and deep appreciation of quality literature through the power of music. We know that Scanfest audiences will love joining them on this journey.
Kempton PA -
Phone: (610)767-7120
Pillerkaar, Estonian Folk Dancers of the Washington DC Metro Area, is a non-profit folk dancing group which performs original and choreographed Estonian folk dances at various events in colorful national dress. They are the sons and daughters of first generation Estonians, their wives, husbands, children, and friends who are proud to display Estonian culture and heritage through the art of folk dancing. Pillerkaar has been performing worldwide since 1971 under the instruction and leadership of Anu Oinas, a first generation Estonian. Depicting the lifestyles of ancient Estonian people, Pillerkaar performs traditional folk dances which are derived from early occupations like fishing and pipe making along with animal mimicry depicting bears, frogs, and reindeer, etc. The polkas are riveting, such as the Wedding Dance, Grandfather's Polka, and Grandmother's Brother's Polka! Choreographed newer folk dances often mimic courtships and wooing while others demonstrate complicated sets of contra-like dances.
Ruth Ann Cunningham, Soprano
Presenting songs by Grieg and also Sibelius. We will also present Irish songs and a delightful sampling of operetta and musical theater selections.
55 Payson Ave., Apt. 2D
New York NY 10034 - USA
Phone: [212-942-3674]
Skansen Children's Club VOA
Folk Dance by VASA Children's Club
Smörgåsbandet, with its roots in Scandinavia, energizes everyone with their entertaining smorgasbord of music from Gammaldans to Country, Cajun to Contemporary, and everything in between. Just back from a 3-day festival in Jamestown, NY, theyve appeared many times at the Norsk Høstfest in North Dakota, the worlds largest accordion festival in Ransäter, Sweden, and Scandinavian festivals and events in Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Washington DC and Montana. They recently entertained 50 Ambassadors to the UN at a Swedish Midsummer Gala in NYC. The 4 members of the band are Jeanne Eriksson, Swedish-American of the Year 2005 and recipient of the Polar Star Medal from the King of Sweden; Cajun Wayne Soderlund; Chad Widman Sweden Day Man of the Year 2015, and Wally Eriksson, nyckelharpa enthusiast. Smorgasbandet can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and their website They are very excited to be back at ScanFest at Vasa Park.
Spirit of Scandinavia
The band, Spirit of Scandinavia includes Ed Hendela and Bill Nostrand, and has a repertoire that includes standards from the 1940's thru 1990's, plus ethnic favorites, including Scandinavian, German, and other European tunes. Internationally recognized accordionist Ed Hendela has entertained audiences throughout the New York Metropolitan area, along the Eastern Seaboard from Florida to New England, and in the Canadian cities of Edmonton and Toronto. His one-man orchestra, which includes an Iorio MIDI accordion to replicate many instruments including piano, guitar, and string bass, provides a surprisingly full sound. He often strolls acoustically, in restaurant and festival settings, as well. Ed has backed Finnish singing star, Berit, and has played several years with the Swedish Cult Band. Visit his website. Bill Nostrand's professional career has spanned many years, playing Scandinavian and American dances, mostly in New Jersey and New York. Bill and the late Art Nilsen also played many dances together in the 80's and the 90's and might be remembered as The Swede and The Norwegian. In addition to playing, Bill also composes Scandinavian dance music, and has produced a CD. He is a member of both Vasa (Vagen Lodge) and Sons of Norway (Nor-Bu Lodge), and lives in South Jersey.
The Swedish Meatballs
Toe-tapping, foot-stomping Scandinavian-American MUSIC! The Swedish Meatballs  all blended together with different talented spices to create a delicious and eclectic musical experience! Accordion music is in demand and The Swedish Meatballs get around town spreading Scandinavian music! It's all about adding fun and flavor to an event whether performing at a back-yard social, or at Brooklyn's Third Avenue Summer STROLL! Ellen Lindstrom and The Swedish Meatballs can be seen at just about every North East Tri-State IKEA special event! They also perform at venues such as Brooklyns very own Brooklyn Brewery, The Salty Dog, Yellow Hook, and Buckleys. The Swedish Meatballs can be seen squeezing music out at Viking Fest, Scandinavian Folk Festival in Jamestown, up in the Adirondack Mountains, or on the Circle Line. Youll see them at special events at the Danish, GJOA & Swedish Football Clubs, the Norwegian Christian Home, Eger Home, and Danish Homes of NY & NJ. The Swedish Meatballs happily provide musical entertainment for the Vasa Order of America and Sons of Norway lodges and events. Ellen Lindstrom  award recipient of Sweden Days 2013 Woman of the Year. The Swedish Meatballs  they go the extra SMILE!
Phone: (917)968-2926
Tomas Janzon: From Bach to Swedish Folksongs
This program includes pieces by J.S. Bach and F. Tarrega, also Swedish folksongs and something from the American Songbook. Mr. Janzon's virtuoso playing will show how the classical guitar can be used for improvisations and new arrangements. Please visit for more information, reviews and more.
Changes Music
47 W. 130th St. #9
New York NY 10037 - USA
Phone: (323)309-6555
Vinland Longships
Vinland Longships is a Viking reenactment group that owns a 22 foot Viking Faering (four oared) boat. The Skogar Þrostur (SKO-gar THROW-stur) which means "Blackbird" in Old Norse, is based on the faering boat buried with the Gokstad ship in Norway in the 9th century. The reenactors who founded Vinland Longships have organized educational demonstrations on Viking ships and Viking life, crafts and culture for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Norwegian Embassy and the American Swedish Museum, among many others. They taught docents at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and have travelled to L'Anse aux Meadows, Canada, St. Petersberg, Russia and up and down the east coast educating people about Viking ship construction, navigation and history. The Adventures of the Skogar Þrostur are documented at
1166 Slater Rd
New Britian CT 06053 - USA
Phone: (860)223-6843
Von Halstern Medieval Reenactors
Battle re-enactments, encampments, Viking artifacts.