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Marge Thorell
Marge Thorell is a Philadelphia-based writer who has published a number of articles and books on Sweden and Karin Bergöö Larsson. A first-generation Swede on her fathers side, she has spent a great deal of time in Sweden engaged in research for her Karin Larsson biography, as well as a book published by Arcadia Publishing, Swedes of the Delaware Valley. She holds a doctoral degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Rhetoric and Psychoanalysis and has taught writing at Philadelphia area universities as well as in Japan and Ireland.
Scandinavia in the Crosshairs
Author Jorgen Flood will talk about his book, "World War II Moves North 1938-1940: Scandinavia in the Crosshairs." These short stories are from Scandinavia's exciting and colorful past, Book 3. Jorgen Flood has been writing magazine articles and short stories for many years; his first historical fiction book was published in 2008.
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Scandinavian costumes: Inger Hanright
Inger Hanright was born and grew up in Sweden. As a child she was exposed to folk costumes from several different parts of the country. After moving to the US as an adult, she developed an interest in Scandinavian folk costume and began investigating what a costume from her part of Sweden would look like. In doing so, she formed a friendship with one of the leading experts on costume in Sweden today, Ph.d. Ulla Centergran, who guided her first attempts at creating a costume for herself and subsequently introduced her to a thriving community of people who study the subject. Having attended many seminars and work shops, Inger has created many different costumes both for herself and others. One of the most important tasks is dispelling all the misconceptions and myths about Scandinavian costumes and where they come from. Discovering what they truly are and how they have developed over the years.
Scandinavian Genealogy: William B. Fagerstrom
Bill Fagerstrom: Is an amateur genealogist He has been doing genealogy for over 25 years Is the current Secretary & the past President of the Swedish Genealogy Club of the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia, PA He has written handout "Beginning Scandinavian Genealogy" which all in attendance will receive He has written several other guides, a descriptive family history on his mothers branch and a short Fagerstrom family history He belongs to eight genealogy & history Organizations